Volume 46, No. 4, December 2012

In this

By Lou Zickar

One of the challenges of publishing a quarterly journal is that you want to stay relevant to the issues of the moment without chasing the headlines of the day......MORE
Parting Thoughts:
"Today's biggest problem is not ideology, but partisan politics"

By Jon Kyl
"Anger is not a substitute for good policy"
Q&A With Jon Huntsman

An interview with the former governor, ambassador, and presidential candidate about the current political environment and the challenges facing the country -- and the Republican Party -- in coming years
Breaking the Partisan Stranglehold
By Mickey Edwards  

The Aspen Institute scholar and former Congressman discusses dysfunction in Washington and offers ideas for reform
The New Electoral Math and What it Means for Polling
By Glen Bolger
The man who Charlie Cook called "the one pollster Republicans should listen to" looks at the election results and what they mean for the GOP.....MORE
The GOP's
Forgotten Ones

By Jarrad Hensley

A young Republican and former aide in the Bush White House argues that the GOP can no longer ignore young Americans.........MORE
Ripon Society
Marks Milestone

Coverage of a December 11th reception The Ripon Society hosted to celebrate the season and mark the group's 50th



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