Oxley Internship and Frenzel Fellowship


Chairman Michael G. Oxley (1944-2016)

The Michael G. Oxley Internship and the Bill Frenzel Fellowship honors the memory of two special leaders who provided decades of exemplary service to Congress, the Republican Party, and The Ripon Society – former House Financial Services Committee Chairman Michael G. Oxley (Ohio) and former House Budget Committee Ranking Member Bill Frenzel (Minnesota).

Experts in pertinent public policy and the art of legislating, Chairman Oxley and Rep. Frenzel were true statesmen who represented what was right in Washington, D.C. and the Republican Party: a pragmatic mindset, a sense of decency and wit, intellectual curiosity, and an unfailing commitment the United States and its future.

Both paid positions, the Oxley Internship is intended for those still working towards their undergraduate degree, and the Frenzel Fellowship is for individuals who have graduated college and are beginning their careers in D.C.

Frenzel cropped

Rep. Bill Frenzel (1928-2014)

As an Oxley Intern or a Frenzel Fellow at The Ripon Society, you will be responsible for assisting the organization in executing various projects that support and enhance communication within the organization and externally with government policy makers, congressional staff, and Ripon Society members.

Key Job Functions:

  • Conduct research and help write Ripon Society documents
  • Conduct research on legislation from policy makers, assist in developing programming ideas
  • Edit and write other communications
  • Assist with The Ripon Forum tasks as needed
  • Assist with logistics associated with Capitol Hill policy discussions
  • Perform day to day administrative duties as needed

Required Skills:

  • We are looking for an individual who has a keen interest in public policy
  • The individual must demonstrate the ability to undertake writing assignments, and possess a basic understanding of government relations skills
  • An educational background in public policy, communications and political science is ideal
  • Ability to write clearly and effectively
  • Hard-working, highly motivated, and self-sufficient

Applications for the Spring and Summer 2017 Internships are no longer being accepted. 

Applications for Frenzel Fellows for Fall 2017 are presently being accepted. 

For more information about the Oxley Internship or Frenzel Fellowship with The Ripon Society, please contact us at with a copy of your resume attached.

Past Oxley Interns and Fellows

What past Oxley Interns and Frenzel Fellows are saying!

Maurice Riveros with Rep. Charlie Dent

“Never in my life before have I experienced a work environment that is so rich in energy and enthusiasm as the Ripon Society. This organization is a prime example of what the Republican Party stands for.  Known for their hard work and dedication, the Ripon Society has earned it’s placed as one of the most respective and impressive public policy think-tanks in Washington D.C. Every person that has worked with Ripon or attended one of their events has had nothing but compliments to give, and would always ask the same “When is the next event?”

Every day I looked forward to entering the office and taking on the various tasks that were assigned to me. Not one assignment that was given to me felt useless, and everything I did was a significant contribution to the organization. My responsibilities around the office included but were not limited to; policy analysis, data research, transcriptions, and assist in event programming, administrative assistant duties and so on.

Maurice Riveros with Rep. Tom MacArthur of his home state of New Jersey


Fortunately, I was given opportunities to attend events that were held by Ripon and listen to different Senators and Representatives speak about various types of policies, from health care to taxation and even foreign affairs. What I loved about these events is that you get to see the more “human” side of our elected officials, as sometimes they would joke around with the audience or tell some personal stories. This is incredibly important, especially during a time of political turmoil and divisiveness in our country I think that it’s important that they show us that side of theirs and to remind ourselves that they are just like us ordinary folks.

One of the most memorable moments of working at Ripon (aside from the time I once hung up on a Congressman) is the staff you work alongside with. These people are the most helpful, welcoming, friendly and humorous coworkers you will ever meet. It explains why the Society has been running so well for so long, it hires only the best. The organization’s President and CEO, Jim Conzelman, is by far the textbook definition of excellent leadership, a man who I highly respect and appreciate for his mentorship and guidance throughout my internship here at Ripon. It was a pleasure to have worked for him and the rest of the staff. I am nothing but grateful for the opportunity that I was given here, the skills that I learned and sharpened and the memories that were created here during my time in Washington D.C.”

— Maurice Riveros
West New York, New Jersey
Rising Sophomore, Rutgers University
Spring 2017 Oxley Intern



Hannah Shepherd with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (WI)

“The best aspect of this internship is the people you work alongside.  The Ripon family is incredibly welcoming and made me feel like a valued member of the team.  Each person that I had the privilege of working with took the time to get to know me, found engaging projects that fit my interests, and assisted me with my long-term career goals.  In addition to the events hosted by Ripon, I was encouraged to attend outside events and to meet with valuable contacts in my field of interest.  I was able to attend congressional hearings, see the set of Face the Nation, run errands on the Hill, and go to lectures hosted by other organizations.  The Ripon Society really takes the time to tailor your experience in DC so that you can really get the most out of it. I can’t think of a better way to be introduced to life and work in Washington D.C. and I am so grateful to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Summer 2016 Oxley Interns Jesse Jacobs and Hannah Shepherd with Rep. Martha Roby (AL)

During my time at the Ripon Society, I was able to work on a wide variety of tasks. I helped prepare for our events, prepare numerous research reports, and was even given the opportunity to help research and contribute to an article in the Ripon Forum.  Additionally I was able to meet over a dozen members of Congress as well as representatives from some of America’s biggest companies. I was even lucky enough to meet Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on my second day!

I cannot say enough great things about this internship.  Throughout the summer I improved my research, communication, and networking skills all of which will help me in my future career.  I am so grateful to the Ripon Society for giving me this opportunity!”

— Hannah Shepherd
Elm Grove, Wisconsin
Rising Junior, Miami University
Summer 2016 Oxley Intern


Wicker and Jesse

Senator Roger Wicker (MS) with Jesse Jacobs

“My first event with the Ripon Society was to hear Roger Wicker, Senator from Mississippi. There I had the incredibly fortunate opportunity of sitting next to the outrageously funny and refreshingly genuine Barbara Comstock, Representative from Virginia. Her funny quips and sincerity on issues foreshadowed so much of my time this summer interning for the Ripon Society: one of chance opportunities and the discovery of an office teeming with honest, determined and thankfully humorous people that made the unbelievable humidity and heat of DC seem bearable.

Armed with a computer and as many post-it’s I could ever desire, my daily tasks for the Ripon Society took on a wide array of responsibilities that primarily consisted of research on Members of Congress, issues, event programming, office management like updating mailing lists and data entry, and running an assortment of missions for the Society across the city ranging from such exotic locations as the Hill or the FedEx down the street. Distinct from other larger organizations, the intimate size and feel of the office allowed me to take on specialized tasks that displayed my talents. For example, the office wanted a new platform to broadcast the audio from their events and I spent a good deal of my summer setting up the SoundCloud page that the Ripon Society now proudly touts.


Oxley Interns Hannah Shepherd and Jesse Jacobs with Senator Thom Tillis (NC) and Congressional Intern Sam Zickar

The daily duties and intimate office were matched with incredibly promising and enriching stumbles, if one should call them that. From getting lost on the way to the offices of the Speaker within the Capitol Building to evacuating the Capitol Hill Club with five congressmen and the former Chair of Ways and Means in tow, the surprises of this summer were enriching.

I am so glad to have had the opportunity to help in a small way with this policy organization, because they have a purpose. The Ripon Society truly is committed to passing smart policy that requires the help of both sides of the aisle. The smart and dedicated office has indicated this pragmatic approach by being a voice of reason during a period of polarization in the city. Working in this office, my summer became personally enriching, both through the skills and experience that I gained and the pragmatism that I helped proliferate.”

— Jesse Jacobs
San Pedro, California
Rising Junior, Georgetown University
Summer 2016 Oxley Intern


Applications for the Spring and Summer 2017 Internships are no longer being accepted. 

Applications for Frenzel Fellows for Fall 2017 are presently being accepted. 

For more information about the Oxley Internship or Frenzel Fellowship with The Ripon Society, please contact us at with a copy of your resume attached.


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