December 18, 2012

Ripon Forum Looks at the Message of the Election and the Challenges Facing America -- and the Republican Party -- Next Year
Latest edition of quarterly journal features profile of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Q&A with Jon Huntsman, and essays by Sens. Jon Kyl & Kay Bailey Hutchison, among others

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Ripon Forum published an end-of-year edition today looking at the message of the 2012 general election and the challenges facing the country -- and the Republican Party – in 2013.

The latest edition of the centrist journal features a profile of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the new Chair of the House Republican Conference, who discusses her role as a member of Speaker John Boehner’s leadership team and her efforts to modernize the GOP through the use of social media. The edition also includes essays by Sens. Jon Kyl and Kay Bailey Hutchison , who are retiring at the end of the year and were asked to offer words of wisdom for their soon-to-be-former colleagues on Capitol Hill.

And in a wide-ranging interview, former Governor, Ambassador and Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman discusses some of the hard truths facing the Republican Party, as well as some of the pressing issues facing the United States both home and abroad in the coming years. In the interview, Huntsman also looks back on his failed bid for the White House, saying, among other things, that his decision to run an issue-based campaign that didn’t “eviscerate the President” was based on his belief that, "Anger is not a substitute for good public policy."

The latest edition of the Forum also features:

• Former Congressman and Aspen Institute scholar Mickey Edwards – writing about “Breaking the Partisan Stranglehold;”

• American Enterprise Institute scholar Alan Viard – writing about “Passing Tax Reform: The Devil is in the Deductions;”

• Heritage Foundation senior research fellow Lisa Curtis – writing about “The Longest War;”

• Republican pollster Glen Bolger – writing about “The New Electoral Math and What It Means for Polling;” and,

• Forum Deputy Editor Jarrad Hensley – writing about “The GOP’s Forgotten Ones.”

The end-of-year edition also includes coverage of two recent Ripon Society events: Senator Richard Lugar’s remarks to the group on December 5th, and a reception the organization hosted on December 11th to celebrate the season and mark an important milestone in its history – The Ripon Society turned 50 this year. And in a note at the beginning of the quarterly journal, Forum editor Lou Zickar discusses the challenge of publishing this latest edition in the wake of last Friday’s horrific events.

The Ripon Forum is published by The Ripon Society, a public policy organization that was founded in 1962 and takes its name from the town where the Republican Party was born in 1854 – Ripon, Wisconsin. One of the main goals of The Ripon Society is to promote the ideas and principles that have made America great and contributed to the GOP’s success. These ideas include keeping our nation secure, keeping taxes low and having a federal government that is smaller, smarter and more accountable to the people. For more information on The Ripon Society, please visit

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