September 17, 2010

Ripon Society Chairman Emeritus Bill Frenzel Reappointed to Presidential Commission on Trade

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Honorable Bill Frenzel, the Chairman Emeritus of The Ripon Society and a former Congressman from Minnesota, was reappointed Wednesday evening by President Barack Obama to a White House Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations.

"Bill Frenzel is one of the most respected voices in America on trade policy," stated Jim Conzelman, the President & CEO of The Ripon Society. "But it's not just his knowledge and intellect that have earned him this respect. It's his integrity, character, and ability to work with those on either side of the political aisle. Bill Frenzel understands that good ideas can come from anywhere on the political spectrum -- left, right, or the center. It's one of the things that has always set him apart, particularly in the hyper-partisan environment of Washington.

ďI suspect it's also one of the reasons the President reappointed him to this trade commission. On behalf of The Ripon Society, I applaud the decision and congratulate Bill on this reappointment."

In addition to serving as Chairman Emeritus of The Ripon Society, Frenzel also serves as a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution. From 1971 to 1991, he represented Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. During his tenure in Congress, Frenzel served as the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee and as a member of the Ways and Means committee.

In 1993, Frenzel was appointed to serve as a Special Advisor to President Clinton on NAFTA. In 2001, he accepted an appointment by President Bush to a White House Commission on Social Security. He was first appointed to the Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations in 2002, and to the Presidentís Tax Reform Commission in 2005. In addition to these duties, Frenzel is Co-Chairman of the Center for Strategic Tax Reform, the Bretton Woods Committee, and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Eurasia Foundation, and is a member of the Commission in the Office of Congressional Ethics of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In addition to Frenzel, others appointed to the Presidential trade commission on Wednesday include New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The White House news release announcing Frenzel's appointment can be found here.

The Ripon Society is a public policy organization that was founded in 1962 and takes its name from the town where the Republican Party was born in 1854 -- Ripon, Wisconsin.  One of the main goals of the Ripon Society is to promote the ideas and principles that have made America great and contributed to the GOPís past success.  These ideas include keeping our nation secure, keeping taxes low and having a federal government that is smaller, smarter and more accountable to the people. 

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