“This is the great opportunity for the American middle class.”
Australian Ambassador Beazley Joins Trade Subcommittee Members Boustany & Larson in Discussing the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Ripon Society Honors Tom Petri
The Ripon Society honored one of its founders, Wisconsin Rep. Tom Petri, at a recent breakfast discussion. Click here to read more
Ripon in the news – McCarthy remarks to Ripon breakfast meeting cited by The Hill  
Ripon in the news – New Republic mentions Forum interview with the late Senator Howard Baker  
Ripon in the news – The Hill highlights the British Ambassador’s remarks to The Ripon Society
Ripon in the news – Examiner focuses on McCain’s remarks at Ripon breakfast  


“The performance of duty, and not the indulgence in vapid ease and vapid pleasure, is all that makes life
worth while.”
An Autobiography, 1913




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